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Virtual Event Information









CCC Virtual Event Information

Video Requirements

Download the Cheer Replay All Star Link App (Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)

Camera app to record cheerleading performance connected to a cheer competition.

You will need to create an account through Cheer Replay.

Videos will be submitted through the App by choosing our event within the app.

It is recommended to have 2 devices recording the routine so you have a back up in case of emergency.

Entire routine must be in frame. Anything jumps, stunts and tumbling out of frame will not be scored.







Coronavirus (COVID-19)

POSTED 11/5/20

Specific to the December 5 event:

  • A written plan of staging will be produced when all teams are registered in order to space out the organizations, utilizing all the separate rooms in the Bayfront Convention Center.
  • The box office will not be open, in order to prevent lines. All organizations, including their spectators will be color coded with wristbands to keep separate organizations from coming into contact with one another.
  • Concessions will not be open.
  • Capacity will be limited to under 20%, in line with the PA regulations. Mask wearing, sanitizing and social distancing will be strictly enforced.

Safety Plan Requirements:

Subject to change based on venue and CDC regulations

  • All participants must arrive at the venue ready to compete. Areas previously used for staging (including main corridor and restrooms) will not be available due to gathering limits.
  • Event staff will read safety reminders over the PA system throughout the competition, reminding visitors to wear masks, remain socially distant and practice proper hygiene.
  • You must be aware and follow the most up to date guidelines established by the CDC, as well as the state and local health departments when attending a Champion Cheer Central event.
  • CCC will require all staff, judges, and subcontractors to be screened and have a temperature check to be on site before, during, or after the event. All who fail a temperature check or show signs of not feeling well and healthy will not be permitted to attend.
  • Champion Cheer Central will use athlete waivers, registration documents, and registered coaches as our contact plan for contact tracing, should it be necessary. Due to this all coaches passes must be pre-paid for 72 hours prior to the event. A Roster must be completed for each program for each participant, coach, gym director/owner, in attendance at the event.
  • Masks will be worn by all Spectators, Staff, Judges, and Coaches in attendance at the event. Athletes must wear masks when not competing or engaging in an active warm-up. Mask worn by athletes competing and practicing will be left up to the discretion of each gym owner/program director. Any program choosing to wear a mask during performance will not be penalized.
  • A 6-foot physical distancing policy will be in place serving as reminders where there will be gatherings of people.
  • An established route for “entrance only” and “exit only” will be in place to allow for a “one way” path for attendees/participants. We ask that all allow enough time to get from point A to point B due to this.
  • The event schedule will allow for planned intervals of enhanced cleaning, disinfecting, re-sanitizing, and fogging rooms, public areas and areas of usage.
  • Venues will have dedicated employees assigned as part of a “COVID Response Team” that are policing the building to identify any risks and to address any issues.
  • Award Ceremonies will be altered to follow social distancing rules. This may be a virtual award ceremony where placements are announced virtually and awards are shipped. When possible, we will allow for one to two coaches per team to stay for the awards ceremony to pick up awards and placements.
  • Scheduling of teams will depend on the specific venue, state officials, and current CDC guidelines for that specific events. An example of this may be teams compete by Program and not by Level. One gym/organization will compete all of their teams. (Break) Then another gym/ organization will compete all of their teams. Breaks will be incorporated throughout to allow for sanitation and proper social distances guidelines to be followed.
  • Practice Areas will be limited to just two coaches per team. There will be no water stations available. Masks, bags and water bottles must all be placed in the designated area. Water bottles need to be kept in the athlete’s bag or labeled so it is not mistaken for another athlete’s bottle. All items must be picked up after the performance so area can be cleaned and sanitized for the next team.
  • Registration/Coach Check in will be done as contactless as possible. Programs will receive all information prior to the event, such as practice area layout, special instructions, etc. in advance. Coaches will still need to be checked with ID’s to ensure that they are “green lighted” with background checks.
  • Spectators may have their temperatures taken upon arrival as well will be asked a few short questions. If a temperature is taken, and shows a temperature of higher than 99.6, the temperature will be taken again with a different thermometer. This will happen three times, if the temperature is still over 99.6 the spectator will not be permitted in the building but will receive a full refund. We do ask that if you are not feeling well or may have been exposed to Covid-19 that you do not attend the event. Spectators will receive wristbands in advance. They must be WORN prior to entering the building. After the last team from the programs performs, all athletes and spectators will be asked to leave so we can clean and prepare for the next program.





POSTED 9/17/20

Dear Program Owners and Coaches,

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this time and we have been praying that all of you have been able to weather the storm and continue to run your programs.  We hope and pray that you are able to get back into your gyms soon if you have not been able to start up already. We waited a while to send this letter, as when the Covid crisis began there were many unknowns and tons of emails being sent to you from all different companies and we didn’t want to be overlooked.  

Back in March, when we still did not know the extent of what the shutdown of our country was going to look like or how long the shutdown was going to last, we cancelled our last four events of our season. It was heartbreaking.  As hard as it was, we knew keeping everyone safe was more important than holding events.  We immediately started issuing registration refunds to all the organizations in the order of the events.  It was a long process.  We knew that giving the refunds quickly back to the customers and not offering transfers etc. was the right thing to do.  

We have been getting hundreds of calls, emails etc. asking what this upcoming season looks like.  Our schedule has been up since before the crisis (as you have to set dates, sign contracts etc. over a year in advance from the last date of the event)  We know what you know, that our season will be predicted by the Covid Crisis and where the country and each state will be in December is unknown at this time.   I know that this must be frustrating for all of you with tryouts, choreography and setting plans for this season.

Please know that our plan at this time is to run a complete season schedule. We turned our first two November events (that were scheduled on school campuses) into a traveling event for some of the All Star Organizations.  The judges will travel to them and judge their routines.  The school and recreation teams can mail in videos to be involved in the event.  

We do not know exactly what each event starting in December will look like as far as spectators etc.  So please be patient as we have events in three states with three different sets of guidelines etc.  A lot of how the events will run will be determined by the venues/states themselves and not by us.  We will however have our own measures in place to keep you all as safe as possible.  

Our first in person event at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, Pa., December 5th is looking very good after we had a current meeting with the venue.  There are options to separate and put groups in holding areas to meet the maximum requirements for indoor events.  We have SEVERAL plans as things continue to change day by day.  One idea is to color code the organizations to move them through the Convention Center.  We will not hold an in person event if prior to the date the guidelines change and they do not allow us to have spectators for each organization.  If anything changes in Pennsylvania before the December event, we have options with Cheer Replay to go virtual.  The registration prices would remain the same as the judging of teams, prizes, bids and mailing everything would remain the same.  Cheer Replay has an Amazing way of doing virtual!  If you strongly feel that you would not want to go virtual, other arrangements can be made with payments.  

Speaking of payments,  we ask that you go ahead and register for the events you are planning on attending with CCC.  You can hold all payments until closer to the event dates and until we know exactly what the CURRENT and up to date Local, State and CDC guidelines are.  This way anyone who feels uncomfortable making payments can wait.  We also ask that you change to making payments by mailing a check if you want a FULL refund if the most extreme case happens.  This way we avoid keeping credit card fees that are incurred by outside companies.  

Masks:  As of today (9-17-20) in the state of Pennsylvania where our first event is being held everyone involved in sport activities must wear a face covering anytime you cannot maintain 6 feet of social distancing and ALL spectators, staff etc. are required to wear face coverings indoors the entire time.      

The rest of the season which will continue January 17th in Williamsport, Pa. will be updated as we get closer.  We are hopeful that there will be many changes in regulations for the better between now and then.  

I know we are all eager to get back to a new normal in the Cheer and Dance Competition World.  Please know that Champion Cheer Central, Inc. has many plans in place to keep you all as safe as possible during this difficult time.  We cannot put out in writing all the different plans as things have constantly been changing each day in each state and area.  We ask again that you are patient with updates as if we update too early it will change before the event.  And we do not want to cause more confusion.  

Always feel free to call for more information as each event gets closer.  Thirty days prior to each event we will have a more current update.  Please understand that asking questions too far in advance will cause more confusion for your parents as we do not have all the answers.  

WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!  We hope to see you all real soon!  

Heather Petz

President Champion Cheer Central, Inc.  

Cell:  814-449-1537


POSTED 4/1/20

 Champion Cheer Central has had many inquires about our events due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Safety is first priority at our events. Competitors, coaches, staff, vendors and spectators are at the forefront of all preparation as we are planning for our upcoming events. CCC will continue to monitor the local health departments where our events are located as well as the CDC for guidance to continue with our schedule. We have not received any indication that we should cancel any events. Obviously the situation is evolving and we will continue to monitor the news for updates.

     We would like to ask for everyone’s assistance in helping limit the threat of this virus as well as other diseases. Parents and coaches can monitor athletes for possible illness before exposing others. We ask that anyone showing symptoms please stay home. We know how much work has gone into the season, but it is better to err on the side of caution and keep everyone safe.

      CCC will continue to work with our venue contacts to ensure cleanliness is being prioritized during the event. CCC staff will coordinate with our venue partners to monitor the facility, including the restrooms and food stations.

      The CDC recommends everyday preventative actions to help prevent the spread of any respiratory disease including Coronavirus (COVID-19).

       Please note the following:

  1. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  2. Stay home when you are sick. This applies to all athletes, coaches, event staff and spectators.
  3. Cover your cough or your sneeze with a tissue. Please discard the tissue when done.
  4. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.
  5. Wash your hands with soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds, after using the bathroom, before and after eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing. If there is no soap and water please use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

For more information, including updates on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.


CCC Honored many coaches and organizations this year and at our Lake Erie National Championships, we had the opportunity to show our appreciation to some of these teams.  These teams and coaches will be added to our HALL OF HONOR for the amazing things they do.
Kathy Long – Fire and Ice All Stars – LEADERSHIP AWARD
Steel Valley Cheer – FANATIC FANS
Lisa Yerse – Panthers All Stars – OUTSTANDING COACH
Steel Valley Cheer – LOYALTY AWARD
Magic All Stars – LOYALTY AWARD
Midwest Cheer Elite Cleveland – LOYALTY AWARD
In10sity Cheer All Stars – LOYALTY AWARD
Allegro Dance Arts – LOYALTY AWARD
ONE All Stars
Dance Vibe
Diamond Athletics
Geneva Xtreme Cheer
Storm Athletics
Step One North All Stars – LEADERSHIP AWARD
Steel Valley Cheer – FANATIC FANS
Steel Valley Cheer (13 events) – LOYALTY AWARD
Magic All Stars (10 events) – LOYALTY AWARD
Midwest Cheer Elite – LOYALTY AWARD
Geneva Xtreme – LOYALTY AWARD
Infinity – Ohio – LOYALTY AWARD

N’Tense All Stars – LOYALTY AWARD

IEP I AWARD – Leslie Perry – WGP All Stars
Madison High School
Step One North All Stars
WGP All Stars
Panthers All Stars
Diamond Athletics
Collage PAC
Chardon High School
Step One All Stars North – GENEROSITY AWARD
Cheer Force All Stars – GENEROSITY AWARD
Steel Valley Cheer (12 events) – LOYALTY AWARD
Step One All Stars North – SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD
Steel Valley Cheer – FANATIC FANS
Additional Recognized Loyalty
Cheer Image (6 events)
Perfect Storm All Stars (6 events)
Step One All Stars (6 events)
Magic All Stars (6 events)
IEP I AWARD – Holly McKenzie from Magic All Stars
Pennsylvania Storm Coaches – LEADERSHIP AWARD
Step One All Stars North – GENEROSITY AWARD
Steel Valley Cheer (8 events) – LOYALTY AWARD
Additional Recognized Loyalty
North Coast All Stars (7 events)
Perfect Storm All Stars (7 events)
Step One All Stars (6 events)
IEP I AWARD – Melanie Vitale from Step One All Stars North
Rakiesha Morrison – LEADERSHIP AWARD
Cheertastic Ohio and Xcel Athletics – GENEROSITY AWARD
Xcel Athletics – LOYALTY AWARD
Cheertastic Ohio – MOST FANATIC FANS
Northwest All Stars – I AWARD
Midwest Cheer Elite – Hard Rockin’ Nationals
Northcoast All Stars – Cupid’s Cheer and Dance Challenge
Off Limits All Stars – Lake Erie Nationals

CCC Top Spirit Scholar Award

Champion Cheer Central’s


Champion Cheer Central is so excited to announce this opportunity to recognize Student Athletes for all of their accomplishments. This 19 – 20 season we will be accepting applications of qualifying Top Spirit Leaders in our community and will be awarding 2 scholarships. One for $750.00 and a second scholarship for $500.00. Award winners will be chosen based on the criteria listed below.  The 2 award recipients will be announced at our Champions Weekend, April 5th, 2020 at Erie Insurance Arena.  We are so excited to meet and learn more about these amazing young athletes.



  • Must be a High School Senior enrolled in a 4 year college
  • Complete the Application
  • Write a 300 – 500 word essay about what cheerleading/dance has meant to you and what you have learned from your experiences and what you learned through cheerleading/dance that will help you in your future.
  • Have participated in a CCC event in the 2019 – 2020 Season
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Photo of yourself


2019-2020 Application

CCC Community Champion

Champion Cheer Central is excited to announce out New Program for the 2019 – 2020 Season.

We are recognizing athletes for their accomplishments on and off the mat. If you know an athlete who has gone the extra mile in either the community, school, gym, etc that you feel deserves recognition, enter them as CCC’s Community Championm, also you can recommend them to use Gym Management Software they can learn and create a free account to learn about managing all the ins and outs of a gym. We LOVE to celebrate young leaders in our industry that are doing positive things outside of cheer and dance.  Each month we will recognize the athlete in a Spotlight post on CCC’s social media and website. The athlete will receive a CCC Thank You package and will be recognized Champions Weekend in Erie, PA,  April 4th and 5th, 2020.

CLICK HERE to submit an athlete!



Addyson is an active Monroe County Ohio 4H member. She takes part in the annual litter pick up, helped plant flowers in our County Court house’s flower bed, and helps to serve soup at the annual county’s trustee’s dinner. Addyson takes Dairy Feeders in 4H to our fair, where in August 2018 her first year she placed second in Showmanship, then returned in her second year in August 2019 to take first place in her division which was also the youngest division and returned to the ring where she won County Showmanship against youth all older than her. Addy in the past has volunteered her time at a local assisted living community to Honor, recognize and thank their Veterans for their service with gift bags and individual hand made cards for each Veteran. Addyson each years sends cards and gift boxes over seas to our troops, with each card or gift box containing a note thanking them for their service and protecting the freedom she has as an American. She had to thank her trainer for the hard work, and if you need an idea for a gift for your trainer check out GFPW to see the options.

Cheer/Dance Accomplishments 
This is Addyson’s 6th year At Cheernastics Allstars where she is a flyer on the team. She was part of the Cheernastics Allstars team that won at The “ONE” Cheer Champion at Kalahari in the Pocono Mountains and on to win virtual finals that year. Did you know that cbd oil is the best natural solution you van find on the market that helps you with anxiety and depression. The team she is on has won Multiple CCC Grand Champion titles. This year their first competition of the season the team competed at the CCC Winter Beach Blast in Erie, PA where they hit zero, took first in their division and went on to win Grand Champion of their session along with beat jumps and the outstanding choreography award. They also took Grand Champion at their second Competition.


Achieve your bodybuilding goals if you want big muscles and lots of strength. You can check out this article where you can learn more about tips on how to improve your muscular mass.



Sadie is the voice for the organization Kids For Positive Change. It’s an organization that encourages youth the take positive action for our planet. They have successfully banned the use of plastic straws in Ashtabula city. They are working with the city on recycling projects to help reduce waste. They also host annual beach clean ups and talk to kids around the US about taking action.


Cheer/Dance Accomplishments                         

Sadie has been a lead flyer with GCXA for 7 years. She is an accomplished gymnast and a ballerina. THE ONE national champ, Lake Erie Nationals grand champion.





Kylie is a 3 year volunteer with the cheerabilities team at HotCheer, she is a part of the athletic advisory committee which heads up service projects within the gym, she has participated yearly in the Play it Forward Pgh toy drive including volunteering at the venue to stock the shelves for the shopping day, she volunteers her time to assist preschool age students at a local bible school, she is the primary source of social media for the cheer program at HotCheer providing thoughtful posts celebrating her fellow teammates and encouraging a sense of community. Kylie models leadership as an athlete and a student by balancing rigorous academics and humility as a teammate accepting team placements and corrections over the year with dignity and making improvements steadily during scheduled gym time and with many extra hours. Many male athletes use testosterone boosters to help them improve their performance. She has participated in several visits to nursing homes in the community dropping off homemade Valentines and most recently participating in a Back to School fashion show that our athlete committee served and models and hung around to chat with the residents afterwards.

Cheer/Dance Accomplishments

The current season is her 11th year of allstar cheer participation. Teams for the 2019-2020 season include Junior 1, Junior 4, Senior 3, and CheerAbilities Peer Helper. She is also a member of her school’s middle school cheer team and the gym’s athlete committee. She has been a member of several national , grand, and level champion teams over her career.





Chloé is the founder of the organization and social media movement #iwillsitwithyou. It challenges people to take a moment and sit with someone new at lunch, on the bus, in a coffee shop. To never judge a book by its cover and to break the mold of stereotypes. To date, #iwillsitwithyou has made it to over 9000 students in classrooms across the US and Canada, been featured in Art and Beauty Magazine, Cleveland news, numerous newspapers, NYFW, and most recently at Miss World America. Her message is simple: challenge yourself to be better and to never allow others to feel alone or excluded. Stop the culture of exclusion and be the beginning of inclusion.

Cheer/Dance Accomplishments
US FINALS national champ, THE ONE national champ, Lake Erie Nationals grand champion

The Battle of Lake Erie



At the Battle of Lake Erie Qualifying Events. Top 3 teams in each division will receive Bids for CCC’s Lake Erie National Cheerleading Championships and Champions of Dance in Erie, PA at Erie Insurance Arena and Bayfront Convention Center, April 10th and 11th, 2021.  Grand Champions will receive a PAID BID!






11/8/20 – The Turkey Time Cheer and Dance Tournament –  Cleveland, Ohio

12/5/20 – Lights! Camera! Action! Cheer and Dance Extravaganza – Erie, Pennsylvania

2/14/21 –  Cupid’s Cheer and Dance Challenge – Willoughby, Ohio

2/21/21 – Over the Rainbow Cheer and Dance Championships – Ashtabula, Ohio

3/7/21 – Carnivale of Champions Cheer and Dance Championships – Toledo, Ohio

GRAND Champion Bid Registration FREE REGISTRATION
1st Place Bid Registration $45.00 per participant
2nd Place Bid Registration $52.00 per participant
3rd Place Bid Registration $60.00 per participant
Crossovers $25 per crossover

The Battle of Lake Erie per participant registration prices are based on the highest placement received at any BATTLE OF LAKE ERIE qualifier this season. Teams that earn a higher placement at another BATTLE qualifier,  CCC will honor the highest placement bid that a team earns during the season. If you register your team and they go on to earn a better bid, just submit your bid upgrade to us and we will refund any overpayment.

Paid Bids are awarded to top scores. These bids allow the awarded team FREE REGISTRATION to Champions of Dance or Lake Erie National Championships.  The number of paid bids awarded at each event are at the discretion of the event producer and vary event to event.







Please direct any scoring questions to

ATHLETE FALL – .25                                                                                                                              

Drops to the performance surface during tumbling and/or jump skills
Also includes the following*
• Hand, hands or head down in tumbling or jump skills
• Knee or knees down in tumbling or jump skills


Drops from a building skill or transition during a stunt, pyramid and/or toss

Also includes the following*

  • Drops to a cradle and/or load in position
  • Base or spotter drops to the performance surface during a building skill
  • Single based stunts that drop to a coed load position

Drops to the performance surface from a stunt, pyramid or toss by the top person and/or the bases/spotters

Also includes the following*

  • Top person lands on a base and/or spotter who drops to the performance surface
  • Multiple bases and/or spotters drop to the performance surface
  • Top person’s head, neck, back, shoulders or bottom comes in contact at any time with the performance surface
  • Incomplete tumbling transitions in and/or out of a building skill

MAXIMUM – 1.75
When multiple deductions should be assessed during a stunt or toss (by a single group), or during a pyramid sequence, then the sum of those deductions will not be greater than 1.75.

Also includes the following*

  • During pyramids where a fall continues to effect other portions of the pyramid, the deduction will not exceed 1.75.
  • Separated pyramids will result in separate deductions.
  • The MAXIMUM deduction for a pyramid will not exceed 3.5.

*All deductions may include, but are not limited to, the following examples.

The performance surface is defined as the 42’ x 54’ competition floor. The competition boundary is defined as the performance surface and any immediate adjacent safety border. A .25 deduction will be assessed per occurrence for an athlete that makes contact with both feet outside the competition boundary. Stepping on, or just past the white tape is not a boundary violation.

Teams that exceed the allotted time by 1 or more seconds are subject to a .25 deduction.
Judges will use a stop watch/clock to measure the official time. Judges will not issue a deduction until their stopwatch/clock shows a time that exceeds 2 seconds over the allotted time, acknowledging the potential for variance caused by human reaction speed and sound system time variations.

Teams that exceed the allotted time per category below will be subject to the deduction:

• All Star Novice – 1:30
• All Star Prep – 2:00
• All Star Elite & International – 2:30
• All Star Non-Tumbling – 2:00
• Global Divisions – 3:30 (Must adhere to the breakdown below)
• Cheer: 0:30 seconds (minimum), 0:40 seconds (maximum)
• 0:20 seconds to move from Cheer to set for music portion
• 2:30 maximum for music portion


  • 0.50 – Tumbling skills performed out of level and General Safety Guidelines will be issued a 0.50 deduction.
  • 1.0 – Building skills performed out of level will be issued a 1.0 deduction.

IMAGE POLICY – .25                                                                                                                            

Inappropriate choreography, uniform and/or music, as well as violations that break the image policy will be issued a .25 deduction.

When a coach is in discussion with an official, other coaches, athletes and parents/spectators they must maintain proper professional conduct. Failing to do so will result in a 1.0 deduction and removal of coach or disqualification.

Includes the following:

  • Inappropriate and deliberate physical contact between athletes during the event
  • Abuse of equipment or any items associated with the event
  • Using language or a gesture that is obscene, offensive, or insulting
  • Using language or gestures that offend race, religion, color, descent or national or ethic origin
  • Failing to perform a routine
  • Excessive appealing at Score Check
  • Showing dissent towards scoring official decision by word or action
  • Threat of assault to an event representative
  • Public criticism of an event related incident or event official


If a team competes with fewer than the minimum number of athletes for their specific division, a deduction will not be assessed if that team is registered and rostered with the minimum number of athletes required for that division. Teams that register, roster, and compete with fewer than the number of athletes required for a specific division will either be moved to the correct division or issued a 5-point deduction.

From a judging perspective, these teams competing with fewer than the number of athletes required will be scored as if they meet the minimum athletes requirement (in terms of majority and most) and will not be eligible for bids to any end of season events.

Eligibility Requirement – 5.0

Any team who violates USASF age eligibility requirements, submits inaccurate rosters, or violates a crossover rule may be disqualified from the competition and lose eligibility for bids to end-of-season events. Pending investigations and due process, a disqualification may occur after the competition is over.

Specialty Divisions                                                                                                                                 

Performers can only participate in 3 total specialty divisions due to scheduling and costuming issues.





December 15 – 22 Ugly Christmas Sweater Photo Contest – Post a pic of you wearing your ugliest Christmas Sweater. The photo with the most votes wins.  Picture must be of an individual. The winner will receive a Rebel Dream Bag.  Contest Rules and Terms

April 19 – 21, 2015  Show off your Hardware Photo Contest – Post a Pic of your team showing off their hardware to  the Champion Cheer Central, Inc. Facebook Page. The photo with the most likes wins a FREE CCC REGIONAL for the 2015 – 2016 Season for 1 team or maximum of 25 participants.

AND THE WINNER IS…….Xtreme All Stars! Congratulations 1163 likes.

May 3 – 4 , 2015  Best Theme Team Photo – Post a Pic of your TEAM dressed in the BEST THEME. Could be from a practice or event. Enter the photo contest on the Champion Cheer Central, Inc. Facebook Page by clicking the contest button on the left of the page. The Photo with the most likes wins a FREE CCC REGIONAL for the 2015 – 2016 Season for 1 team or maximum of 25 participants. Contest starts at 6:00 AM May 3rd, and ends May 4th at midnight.

AND THE WINNER IS…….Cheer Force All Stars! Congratulations 115 likes.

JUNE 2, 2015 IEP DECLARES INDEPENDENT DAY – Contests will be all day on Twitter and Facebook to win some great prizes from IEP’s.

Twitter- FAVORITE CCC’s Logo on the @weareiep Twitter page. CCC will be randomly choosing winners.

Facebook – Post a pic from your Favorite IEP Event (CCC EVENT 😉 ) the one with the most likes win an amazing prize from IEP Members.

3 questions will be posted at 1:00 PM EST to 2:00 PM EST. Be the first one to Answer the question correctly and win some great prizes.

JUNE 3 – 4, 2015 – TWITTER CONTEST – ROCK THE BOW!! Post a pic on twitter with your favorite bow. The pic with the most likes wins a CCC Prize pack which includes a Tshirt, Bow and Bag!!!




This upcoming 16-17 Cheer and Dance Season, if you plan on attending any cheerleading or dance event, you will need to supply music that complies with the new music guidelines. The new music guidelines state that due to copyright infringement concerns, cheer and dance music producers can no longer create or edit cheer music with popular songs (unless they obtain all necessary licenses from all parties involved, which is expensive and time consuming). The music guidelines state that cover recordings of popular music may be used in remixes only of the purchase and license of the cover recording includes an explicit right to alter the cover recordings and create new works from these cover recording elements.

You can:

A. Create your own original songs for your cheer mix.

B. Bring a legally purchased copy of a popular song, from I-tunes, Amazon, etc.  The song may not be remixed in any way (no sound effects, tempo changes and or layering with another recording) but timing edits are allowed only. Ie, removing a chorus or bridge to the length of the team’s performance.

C. Purchase a custom made mix created by a music producer that will license your music.

We will require that you have a copy of the license to show that your music follows the copyright laws.

Champion Cheer Central Inc recommends Full Out Music Productions!

FULL OUT Music Productions offers you Custom & Premade original cheer music!  Appropriate for all ages and levels:  industry-leading vocals, a vast library of original beats and royalty-free music will give you a once-in-a-nation sound.  Go FULL OUT every time!

Use promo code CCC15 for $15 off any premade mix and $40 off any custom mix!  Ending 5/31/18.

USASF Press Release





Protecting Youth Athletes from Sexual AbuseLink to information






CHILD SENIOR 2 DAY PASS – $20 (Child is ages 6 – 12)



Though we are NOT a Stay to Play Company, we do work with a housing company, GameTime Travel, and they have secured hotel rooms with the lowest rates in prime locations for each event.  Please pass along this link for your parents to book rooms or to hold a room block for your team, email:  GameTime travel will be back in touch with you within 24 hours.  GameTime Travel Toll Free:  1-866-537-4262.




Competition T-shirts are available at all events, however, we may sell out. Parents you have the opportunity to pre-order shirts prior to the event to guarantee the size and availability for your child.  Email with your name, gym/school, phone number, tshirt size and we will have that shirt held at the event for you at which time you can pay for the shirt.


Out of respect for the athletes and other spectators, please turn off all cell phones and pagers upon entering the performance areas.


In the interest of public safety, CCC asks you to take a moment to identify your nearest exit, in event of an emergency, at the event. Keep in mind, the nearest exit may not be in your direct view. For safety reasons, please keep all aisles clear and open.  We appreciate your cooperation.  At most CCC events, there will be a FAN VIEWING AREA for friends and families of the team currently performing on the competition floor.  Once your team’s performance is finished, please exit quickly to make room for the next set of fans.  All other seating is general admission and seat saving is not permitted.  For assistance with handicapped or elderly seating please see one of our Champion Cheer Central, Inc. staff members.


Champion Cheer Central, Inc. asks that the following coed of conduct be adhered to during all CCC Events, to ensure a positive experience for all teams and individuals involved.

Any questions or concerns that affect a team’s performance must be expressed by one coach/advisor to the appropriate CCC official.

Any unruly behavior by the coaches/advisors, participants or spectators will result in removal from the event with NO REFUNDS.

There will be no contact with the judges from any participant, coach/advisor or spectator during the competition.

The judges decisions are final concerning deductions, specific rulings and final placement.

We expect all teams, coaches/advisors and spectators to represent themselves and their community in a positive way.

Each team must compete a Code of Ethics form in order to compete at any CCC event. This form is available on our web site under the registration form and waivers.


Champion Cheer Central has Competition Specific t-shirts available as well as other Cheer Clothing such as Shorts, Sweatshirts, Sweat pants and T-shirts. Competition shirts are $18. All other cheer clothing ranges from $8 – $25.


Although we make every effort to follow the performance order as closely as possible, the nature of any live event requires flexibility.  We encourage you to stay informed of any possible changes in performance times the day of the event.  CCC cannot be held responsible for parents and spectators who miss performances or award ceremonies.  All times are approximate, subject to change & can fluctuate by as much as one hour in each direction.


In this day and age of technology and thinking Green. CCC will not have paper copies of the the schedule.  It will be available online and social media. It will also be posted in areas around the venue.


No Cameras with Professional Lenses will be permitted at either venue. Lenses longer than 3 inches (size of a credit card) are not permitted.  This is for the safety of the athletes competing. This will be strictly enforced.


Fan Areas will be located on either side of the judges table behind the ropes. We will have CCC Staff to control these fan areas. Only fans of the performing teams will be permitted in those areas. Thank you for help in this matter.



CCC has many areas throughout the arena for kids to take some great pics with props and such. We’d love it if you’d share those pics with us on Social Media. Facebook: Champion Cheer Central  Twitter: @championcheerce  Instagram: championcheercentral. Please use our Hashtags!