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Each month, we will feature a new team and their success.

Meet CCC’s April Spotlight Team. 

XCel Athletics Mini Level 1xcel5


How does this team start their season? The season started last May and Force has been practicing together ever since!

How long has the team been cheering together? Some of the athletes on this team have been teammates for 3 or more years. They’ve created really great bonds which allow them to work together so well.

What is your favorite part about being a team member on Xcel’s Mini L1?

My favorite part of Xcel mini force is my very nice coach and the best teammates ever.  Bella

Best part of mini 1 Force is my coach, Coach Gianna. Adwen

Being a leader and having fun with the other minis  Brianna

My favorite part about being on xcel mini level 1 is how much our team has grown and how our friendships have grown. When I joined mini level one I didn’t know anybody and now my teammates are like my best friends. I like mini level one because the older teams are always cheering us on. My team is crazy and silly but we always compete fierce!!!! Avery

Accomplishments this 14 – 15 Season: Mini force level 1 has had an amazing year! Placing first on November 2 at CCC’s event. Placing first, level 1 champions, grand champions, and best choreography at CCC’s over the rainbow competition on March 15. On April 12th they attended CCC’s Lake Erie nationals where they placed first out of nine and also won grand champions. Their last competition on April 18th they also placed first and were the highest score in the mini and youth level one division.

What rituals does this team have before taking the floor at an event? To prepare the texcel1am for each competition we practice how we will compete. We start off with running stunts and then warming up our tumbling to ready us for the “full outs” the athletes will do. They also condition to build their stamina so they can perform flawlessly! For the last practice before a competition they will often circle up and pray to hit a perfect routine.

We say our chant “I believe we can win”. We are the hardest workers and best listeners. Bella 

Before each event we run ALOT of full outs which help us make the routine clean. Before we go on stage we chant “I believe that we will hit” and spell out FORCE. Brianna

We always prepare for competitions by practicing hard. But, we also get to have silly practices where we dress like boys or wear crazy clothes and makeup. Our coach, coach Gianna, always gives us a good pep talk before we compete. F-O-R-C-E on 3!!!! Avery

Coaches Favorite Part of the Routine: As a coach my favorite part of their routine is the dance. After I have watched my athletes hit perfectly, it is so much fun to cheer them on while they are excited about their accomplishment. Team force has so much fun in their dance and as a coach I love to cheer them on!

Xcel Mixcel2ni Athletes Favorite Part of the Routine:

My favorite part of the routine is being the tumble bunny. Bella 

My favorite part of the routine is elite. I like pulling my bow and arrow. Adwen

I really like all the tumbling passes! Brianna

I have two favorite parts in our routine. The tumbling we do is one part and my second favorite part is our opening 2 man heal stretch stunt.   Avery

We asked the athletes what they look forward to most in the season?

Having fun! Learning new tumbling! Bella

What I look forward to the most in the season is…winning! Adwen
Getting new choreography, working on new skills, and winning more medals! Brianna

Any other comments you would like to share about your team/coaches?

It was such a privilege to coach this great group of amazing athletes. It is sad to see the season come to an end but the memories I’ve made will last a life time. All the tears, sweat, and bear crawls paid off in the long run and made this team successful. They can do anything they put their mind to and I can’t wait to see each child grow. Thank you mini team Force for making it a wonderful season!                                                           Coach Gianna

I like representing XCel positively. My favorite part of the season is our end of year sleepover party. Oh….and going to CCC competitions!!!!!

Coach Gianna was a great coach. I like everybody on my team. They are so good. Adwen

We go through a lot of conditioning but it pays off. Coach Gianna pushes us to our limits and makes us a better team and gives us confidence to compete. Brianna

Thank you to:
Coach Gianna
Bella Buchanan, age 7
Adwen, age 6
Brianna McCashland, age 8
Avery Dwyer, age 9
for sharing info about your team with us!



CCC is proud to launch our TEAM SPOTLIGHT Page.

Each month, we will feature a new team and their success.

Meet CCC’s March Spotlight Team. 



Dream Team All Stars is based out of Warren, Ohio

This routine has been such fun to watch this year. It’s Hip Hop meets One who Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest! These girls really sell this routine and lead you to believe that they have truly lost their minds. Their performance has a great variety of dance moves and visuals that are a true crowd pleaser.

How does this team start their season? The Senior Hip Hop team started this past June with team selections, followed by choreography and practices in September.

Dream Team Hip Hop Accomplishments this 14 – 15 Season: Accomplishments this year include 1st Place Victories at every event this season, earning a FULL PAID BID to the US Finals and American Majestic Grand Champion.  An attributing factor to this team’s success is that most of these teammates have been cheering/dancing together for the past 6 years.

What rituals does this team have before taking the floor at an event? Coach Michelle raps “Shoop” by Salt-n-Pepa, they stand in a groups and give each other pep talks. Anita, Senior, does a Free Style dance that she says, ” is Pretty Good, I’m not going to lie.” The team dances and laughs together to stay relaxed and loose. Brandi, team member, raps “The Motto.”

Coaches Favorite Part of the Routine: Watching the girls tell the story! Their faces show the drive and commitment to the style. Our routine is like no other and that’s what makes it Fun for them.

Girls Favorite Part of the Routine: Brandi enjoys when she and her partner Rylee do 2 stalls throughout the routine. Allyssa likes the ending when they yell “Black” and the tutting section. Jenna enjoys the Partner Tricks, “I think they are Fun and Unpredictable.” Finally, Anita likes the part when she gets to shake her booty.

We asked the athletes what they look forward to most in the season?

Jenna: Performing with my team, traveling to different places, US Finals and having fun with my best friends and mom.

Brandi: Spending time with my best friends and making the best memories that I will cherish throughout my life.

Allyssa: I look forward to going out and winning with my teammates.

Anita: Honestly, the practices, even though full outs are not a good time, I share an unbreakable bond with these girls and they  never fail to put a smile on my face. I also look forward to every competition where I leave my heart on the mat for 2 minutes and 30 seconds with my family.

Any other comments you would like to share about your team/coaches?

Jenna: My team is a family and they are sisters to me, they are my best friends. I am thankful to be on that mat with them. My coaches are role models and truly made me not only an athlete, but helped me become who I am today.

Brandi: We as a team, couldn’t be any happier with our coaches and we are very blessed to have them with us through this journey.

Allyssa: I Love them to death and I’m so upset it’s my last year – my coaches are the best.

Anita: They are more than just my team, they are my family. Each girl plays a huge role on this team and I am blessed to have them in my life. I also have one of THE BEST COACHES in the WORLD. No one compares to her. I only hope to grow up to be like her one day.

The Coaches predict a trip to The Dance Worlds in their near future. I believe them.

Dream Team’s Senior Hip Hop will be closing out their season at the US Finals in Virginia Beach.              Good Luck to them and wish them much continued success.




This award is very prestigious – awarded once a year for displaying Integrity, Enthusiasm and Passion for our industry!

CCC’s  I Award recipient will be awarded at CCC’s Lake Erie National Cheer and Dance Championships April 6-7, 2019!

CLICK HERE  to learn more about the IEP and I AWARD!



Leslie Perry 

WGP All Stars

2017-2018 I Award Winner






Holly McKenzie

Magic All Stars

2016-2017 I Award Winner






CONGRATULATIONS to MELANIE VITALE of Step One All Stars North – 2015 – 2016 SEASON


CCC Coaches Clinic

Coaches clinic

 Champion Cheer Central’s


September 28, 2014

10 AM – 3 PM

Erie Gymnastics Center West

2660 Zuck Rd. Erie, PA 16506

CCC will also be offering USASF Level Credentialing. You will have to register at

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Clinic Agenda

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July FEATURE Coach





 Christopher Niklaus



Hard Rockin Nationals 2014

What team(s) you do you currently coach? Kane High School,Varsity, JV and Competition teams, Kane, PA

How many years of experience coaching do you have?   18 yrs 

What is your favorite part of cheerleading? Favorite part of coaching is see your individual athletes grow closer and become a team as the season goes on. We are a small school and everyone knows everyone, but to see them grow into a team each year is special. As part of the growth, they each hit milestones in skills and personal development. These are the things that make it worth coming back every day.

What is your favorite part of coaching? My hands down favorite part of cheer is seeing my team “hit”. The hit can be in front of a crowd, on the competition floor or the first time they get a skill at practice. The energy they get from hitting just builds and gives them more confidence to keep on working hard. When working a crowd at a game, that hit builds more excitement in the stands during football and in the stands at basketball during a timeout. That in turn helps us with our goal of supporting our teams we cheer for and building excitement at those events. A hit on the competition floor is the all elusive thing all teams strive for who compete. As a coach, I don’t see my team any happier than when we hit on the competition floor because this is for themselves. When everyone is smiling coming off the floor, be it at a game we are supporting someone else or at a competition, there is no better feeling and the best part of cheerleading. 

What was your biggest accomplishment as a coach? My personal biggest accomplishment is giving the student athletes I coach great experiences they remember for a lifetime. Each season, we are together for 9 months of the year. As a cheer family we have growing pains, family squabbles, crying moments, tears of joy and great accomplishments. Sideline accomplishments are measured by helping our teams win and by comments from fans on how exciting our cheer team looks during timeouts or from the bench. Our competitive accomplishments are gauged on improvement as the season goes on and without a doubt finishing the year strong is an accomplishment. I have always been proud of our team for leaving everything on the floor and I look at their ability to do that as an accomplishment of how well I do my job as a coach.

 Brag about your teams/your coaching success. 

Success as a coach is not determined by the number of trophies you win or by the number of kids you have on your team, I believe coaching success is determined by the experiences you give your team and the life lessons they learn on that journey. With that said, every year I am proud of what our team accomplishes. As a sideline team, we always work hard with our crowd to bring support on and off the field/court and are proud volunteers at various community events. Competitively, we are usually the smallest team/school at most events we attend, yet always keep our heads held high and strive to be the best. Our biggest team accomplishments over the past few years are finishing in the top 3 for the past several years at Cheer LTD Nationals. We have also won a few National Championships. We have won Cheer Starz Nationals as well as our first ever Champion Cheer Central Hard Rockin’ Nationals National Championships in 2 different divisions this past season. However, our crown jewel was winning the Heart and Hustle Award from Inside Cheerleading Magazine and being featured in the June issue! (page 19). This award epitomizes what we strive for with our program – giving 110% at every performance and outstanding members of community off the mat.

What is your coaching motto?

Put hard work into everything you do at practice and the off season and it will pay it forward ten times in front of spectators and fans. Hard work always pays off. Have FUN performing in front of any crowd – be it for parents/friends at a practice performance, in front of football stands or on the “nationals” stage….having fun is key to loving cheer. When it comes to competition, winning is the absolute best, but nailing your routine to the best of your ability trumps anything out there. If we put our best out there and still get beat by someone better, you should never hang your heads in defeat! 

Best advice you could give to a new coach? Training, training, training! Get out there and find as much training as you can. The more safety and technique classes/clinics you can attend the better. Get a rule book for your level be it recreational, collegiate, all star or scholastic and learn it like the back of your hand. Rules are constantly changing and keeping up with them protects you and your athletes. Ask questions to other coaches – see if you can attend a practice or event. We all do things a little different and that one little trick might help your team. Talk to your administrative team, board of directors or supervisors and get a good dialogue going with them early on your ideas. Keep EVERY decision you make based off of what is best for your team and the kids on your team. It might take times of fighting for what is right, but the fight is worth it in the long run. Finally – HAVE FUN!!! You will have trying times and fun times, but in the end it is all worth it!  



Krispy Kreme

February – Feature Coach




 Mother/Daughter Dynamic Duo

  Kathy Wiltse/Mindy Marshall

MHS Competitive Cheer 13-14 (2)

What team(s) you do you currently coach? McDowell High School, Erie, PA

How many years of experience coaching do you have?  Kathy: 15 yrs / Mindy: 5 yrs

What is your favorite part of cheerleading?

Kathy: This is hard to pick one favorite part of cheerleading!  I love this sport!  I really love school spirit & cheering at games & I also love competing where the team can show their talents while working together for one common goal.
After the countless hours of practicing, working hard, and perfecting the routine, one of my favorite parts is the last 30 seconds of their 2 minutes & 30 second performance when everything they worked so hard for hits perfectly and they get to the dance and you can just feel their pride and excitement.

What is your favorite part of coaching? 

Kathy: My favorite part of coaching is having this awesome opportunity to influence these athletes in positive ways. 
I feel it’s a privilege for me to coach, be a mentor & get the chance to make a difference in their lives as I grow to love each one of them.
Mindy: I love the chance to be a part of these kids’ lives. I get several years to try to make a lifelong impact on them as they respect & learn from me as their coach & mentor.

What was your biggest accomplishment as a coach?

Kathy: Changing our style of competing in order to be able to compete at PIAA Districts & States & then making it to the finals for States 2 years in a row, placing 4th & then 3rd in the State.  We have shown that we are contenders in the newest official Pennsylvania sport!
Mindy: I could say that this would be all the titles we hold because that is a great accomplishment.  But I feel that our biggest accomplishment is when these athletes graduate and constantly come back to visit us saying how much they miss us and this team.  To me that means we not only have created a memorable team but a family, knowing that I have made an impact in their lives as they go into adulthood is quite the accomplishment.

Brag about your teams/your coaching success. 

Kathy: This team showed great courage & strength this year with the passing of a former teammate & friend, Alyssa O’Neill.  They came together to honor Alyssa in so many ways. I was never prouder of them than when they came to the funeral in uniform & made a tunnel for Alyssa & her family as her casket was leaving the church.  It was probably the hardest thing they ever did in their lives, with their poms held high & tears streaming down their young faces.  That is a moment I will never forget!
Mindy:  Going along with ajo I am so proud of how this team stays humble when they win and holds their head high and doesn’t let a loss get to their hearts.  They are the kindest team to others at every competition we attend.  Watching them spread love and kindness as teenagers is amazing. 

What is your coaching motto?

Kathy: Attitude is everything, it can make or break any team.
Coaching has to be about the outcome not the income.
Mindy: It never gets easier, you just get better so never let success get to your head or loosing get to your heart, winners are athletes that never quit. 

Best advice you could give to a new coach? 

Kathy: Have clear cut rules & expectations, stick with them & hold everyone accountable.  Also, communication is the key: keep the athletes & the parents informed about everything! Never ever forget to have some fun!!
Mindy:  Take time to get to know each one of your athletes.  Encourage them. understand them, correct them and be their biggest fan.  Point out their strengths and they will work harder. Hold them accountable and teach them respect.  And never forget to leave time for laughter!






               Melissa Altman

What team(s) you do you currently coach? Chardon High School, Chardon, OH and Xcel Athletics, Chesterland, OH

How many years of experience coaching do you have? 19

What was your biggest accomplishment as a coach?  My greatest accomplishment as a coach would be a toss up between two very special and very different situations. The first accomplishment would be watching my team take the floor for the first time after a terrible tragedy took place at our school. Our school was faced with a tragic shooting that took the lives of three classmates and wounded three others. The team was faced with the question of ending the season or continuing on a growing closer as a “family.” We chose to stay strong and stand together as one. The team and coaches very proudly walked out on that floor at the CCC Hard Rockin’ Nationals for the first time just a few weeks after this tragic event to a standing ovation and never felt so much love from the cheer community or such Pride to be a Hilltopper.
The second would be developing a bond with an athlete when she was a freshman and sharing the love I have for the sport of cheer and my knowledge with her. I had the Glory to watch her lead her team to the first ever National Title for Chardon High School. Through her four years on the team she became and amazing athlete and I was blessed to see her fall in love with the sport. She graduated from high school went on to college where she continued to cheer and worked for a cheer company as well. After graduating from college she came home and began to assist me and the the other coaches who coached her as well. I feel very blessed to have the relationship I have with her today and and the glory of not only coaching with her at the high school, but also at one of our local All Star gyms as well. She recently started her own cheer choreography business and travels the country doing choreography professionally, which was her dream she shared with me when she was a senior in high school. So proud that she is living her ultimate dream.

Brag about your coaching successes!                                                                           Since 2002 my teams have won numerous National Championship Titles, national Grand Champion Titles, several First places and specialty awards at regional and local events such as, Best Choreography, Best Jumps, Tremendous Tumbling, Best cheer choreography and High Point.
I had the pleasure to coach with two very important people in my life, my dad Tim Mathis and my sister Kimberli Cole.  I will always hold the years I coached with them close to my heart, I love you both so much and always know we made a great team.
Over the years I have had several athletes go on to college and cheer for their schools and now coach for other schools in the state of Ohio or at All Star Gyms throughout the state of Ohio as well.  I have even had athletes of mine win National Titles with their college teams and come visit to show of their beautiful rings they have one.  I would like to add that as a college freshmen and athlete of mine not only won College Nationals she was also selected as a member of team USA and represented the United States of America in the sport of Cheerleading this past year.

What is your coaching motto?  I coach because I have a great deal of passion and love for the sport of cheerleading. I believe that it is important to respect your athletes and to lead by example. Always be strong and confident and remember to always keep it classy. I like to live our schools motto “one town, one team one heartbeat.”


featurecoachlogo        coachviplogo






What team(s) you do you currently coach? Rappahannock High School Varsity, Warsaw, VAtiff4

How many years of experience coaching do you have? 3 

What is your favorite part of coaching?  I love watching the team grow and progress from try-outs to the end of the season. The improvements never ceases to amaze me. I’m so proud of the hard work and dedication put forth from the teams over the years.

What is your favorite part of cheerleading?    Cheerleaders exemplify athletics. Stunting is the best it combines talent, skill, perseverance, and athleticism.

What was your biggest accomplishment as a coach? When I started coaching at RHS, the program was in shambles. Now, the program is back competing and placing. The team is a respected part of the RHS athletics.  

Brag about your teams/your coaching success. The first year back competing my team advanced to regionals. I had 6 girls named to the All-District team, and 2 of those girls named to the All-Region team. This year, my team placed 1st runners-up in the district competition, and are advancing to regionals.

What is your coaching motto? “No excuses. Practice and like it, no one said cheerleading would be easy.

Best advice you could give to a new coach?  Remember why you wanted to coach in the first place. Don’t let the bad attitudes and practices get to you. Be cautious with parents. Cheer parents and fans are intense!







At registration, you must turn in a team roster with OUR EVENT listed at the top. Teams are not permitted to take the floor unless these are turned in at EACH EVENT.  The USASF is compiling a list of each team that is not registered. For more information, go to the USASF web site at

April 6, 2019, Erie, PA -CHAMPIONS OF DANCE



All Styles, All Levels, All
Star and Studio Event!

Erie’s Bayfront Convention Center

April 6, 2019

Erie, PA

2019 Champions of Dance – updated 4/3


19 – 20 SEASON

April 4, 2020


PARENTS AND COACHES – The Box Office will only be open between 8:15 AM and 5:00 PM. The event runs till 8:00 PM. Tickets must be purchased while the Box Office is open. No one will be admitted without a ticket.  Thank you and we will see you soon!!!


Per Participant Fee Includes 2 Team Routines

Early Bird Registration – $45 per participant –  Registration due AND Full Payment by March 22, 2019

On Time Registration – $50 per participant –  Registrations made after March 22, 2019

$15 per each additional routine Over and Above the First 2 Team Routines


Registration Information:












Spectator Fees:

Adult – $15

Military – $12

Child/Senior – $10

Children 5 and under are FREE!



LogoSheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel

(Attached to Convention Center)

55 W Bay Rd, Erie, PA


Last day to book: 3/22/19

Courtyard Erie Bayfront  for 122.00 USD  per night

eridt_phototour01Courtyard Erie Bayfront

2 Sassafras Pier Erie  PA  16507

Book your group rate for CCC Champions

Start date: 4/5/19
End date: 4/7/19
Last day to book: 3/22/19

  • Courtyard Erie Bayfront  for 122.00 USD  per night