CCC Community Champion

Champion Cheer Central is excited to announce out New Program for the 2019 – 2020 Season.

We are recognizing athletes for their accomplishments on and off the mat. If you know an athlete who has gone the extra mile in either the community, school, gym, etc that you feel deserves recognition, enter them as CCC’s Community Championm, also you can recommend them to use Gym Management Software they can learn and create a free account to learn about managing all the ins and outs of a gym. We LOVE to celebrate young leaders in our industry that are doing positive things outside of cheer and dance.  Each month we will recognize the athlete in a Spotlight post on CCC’s social media and website. The athlete will receive a CCC Thank You package and will be recognized Champions Weekend in Erie, PA,  April 4th and 5th, 2020.

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Addyson is an active Monroe County Ohio 4H member. She takes part in the annual litter pick up, helped plant flowers in our County Court house’s flower bed, and helps to serve soup at the annual county’s trustee’s dinner. Addyson takes Dairy Feeders in 4H to our fair, where in August 2018 her first year she placed second in Showmanship, then returned in her second year in August 2019 to take first place in her division which was also the youngest division and returned to the ring where she won County Showmanship against youth all older than her. Addy in the past has volunteered her time at a local assisted living community to Honor, recognize and thank their Veterans for their service with gift bags and individual hand made cards for each Veteran. Addyson each years sends cards and gift boxes over seas to our troops, with each card or gift box containing a note thanking them for their service and protecting the freedom she has as an American. She had to thank her trainer for the hard work, and if you need an idea for a gift for your trainer check out GFPW to see the options.

Cheer/Dance Accomplishments 
This is Addyson’s 6th year At Cheernastics Allstars where she is a flyer on the team. She was part of the Cheernastics Allstars team that won at The “ONE” Cheer Champion at Kalahari in the Pocono Mountains and on to win virtual finals that year. Did you know that cbd oil is the best natural solution you van find on the market that helps you with anxiety and depression. The team she is on has won Multiple CCC Grand Champion titles. This year their first competition of the season the team competed at the CCC Winter Beach Blast in Erie, PA where they hit zero, took first in their division and went on to win Grand Champion of their session along with beat jumps and the outstanding choreography award. They also took Grand Champion at their second Competition.


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Sadie is the voice for the organization Kids For Positive Change. It’s an organization that encourages youth the take positive action for our planet. They have successfully banned the use of plastic straws in Ashtabula city. They are working with the city on recycling projects to help reduce waste. They also host annual beach clean ups and talk to kids around the US about taking action.


Cheer/Dance Accomplishments                         

Sadie has been a lead flyer with GCXA for 7 years. She is an accomplished gymnast and a ballerina. THE ONE national champ, Lake Erie Nationals grand champion.





Kylie is a 3 year volunteer with the cheerabilities team at HotCheer, she is a part of the athletic advisory committee which heads up service projects within the gym, she has participated yearly in the Play it Forward Pgh toy drive including volunteering at the venue to stock the shelves for the shopping day, she volunteers her time to assist preschool age students at a local bible school, she is the primary source of social media for the cheer program at HotCheer providing thoughtful posts celebrating her fellow teammates and encouraging a sense of community. Kylie models leadership as an athlete and a student by balancing rigorous academics and humility as a teammate accepting team placements and corrections over the year with dignity and making improvements steadily during scheduled gym time and with many extra hours. Many male athletes use testosterone boosters to help them improve their performance. She has participated in several visits to nursing homes in the community dropping off homemade Valentines and most recently participating in a Back to School fashion show that our athlete committee served and models and hung around to chat with the residents afterwards.

Cheer/Dance Accomplishments

The current season is her 11th year of allstar cheer participation. Teams for the 2019-2020 season include Junior 1, Junior 4, Senior 3, and CheerAbilities Peer Helper. She is also a member of her school’s middle school cheer team and the gym’s athlete committee. She has been a member of several national , grand, and level champion teams over her career.





Chloé is the founder of the organization and social media movement #iwillsitwithyou. It challenges people to take a moment and sit with someone new at lunch, on the bus, in a coffee shop. To never judge a book by its cover and to break the mold of stereotypes. To date, #iwillsitwithyou has made it to over 9000 students in classrooms across the US and Canada, been featured in Art and Beauty Magazine, Cleveland news, numerous newspapers, NYFW, and most recently at Miss World America. Her message is simple: challenge yourself to be better and to never allow others to feel alone or excluded. Stop the culture of exclusion and be the beginning of inclusion.

Cheer/Dance Accomplishments
US FINALS national champ, THE ONE national champ, Lake Erie Nationals grand champion