Each month, we will feature a new team and their success.

Meet CCC’s April Spotlight Team. 

XCel Athletics Mini Level 1xcel5


How does this team start their season? The season started last May and Force has been practicing together ever since!

How long has the team been cheering together? Some of the athletes on this team have been teammates for 3 or more years. They’ve created really great bonds which allow them to work together so well.

What is your favorite part about being a team member on Xcel’s Mini L1?

My favorite part of Xcel mini force is my very nice coach and the best teammates ever.  Bella

Best part of mini 1 Force is my coach, Coach Gianna. Adwen

Being a leader and having fun with the other minis  Brianna

My favorite part about being on xcel mini level 1 is how much our team has grown and how our friendships have grown. When I joined mini level one I didn’t know anybody and now my teammates are like my best friends. I like mini level one because the older teams are always cheering us on. My team is crazy and silly but we always compete fierce!!!! Avery

Accomplishments this 14 – 15 Season: Mini force level 1 has had an amazing year! Placing first on November 2 at CCC’s event. Placing first, level 1 champions, grand champions, and best choreography at CCC’s over the rainbow competition on March 15. On April 12th they attended CCC’s Lake Erie nationals where they placed first out of nine and also won grand champions. Their last competition on April 18th they also placed first and were the highest score in the mini and youth level one division.

What rituals does this team have before taking the floor at an event? To prepare the texcel1am for each competition we practice how we will compete. We start off with running stunts and then warming up our tumbling to ready us for the “full outs” the athletes will do. They also condition to build their stamina so they can perform flawlessly! For the last practice before a competition they will often circle up and pray to hit a perfect routine.

We say our chant “I believe we can win”. We are the hardest workers and best listeners. Bella 

Before each event we run ALOT of full outs which help us make the routine clean. Before we go on stage we chant “I believe that we will hit” and spell out FORCE. Brianna

We always prepare for competitions by practicing hard. But, we also get to have silly practices where we dress like boys or wear crazy clothes and makeup. Our coach, coach Gianna, always gives us a good pep talk before we compete. F-O-R-C-E on 3!!!! Avery

Coaches Favorite Part of the Routine: As a coach my favorite part of their routine is the dance. After I have watched my athletes hit perfectly, it is so much fun to cheer them on while they are excited about their accomplishment. Team force has so much fun in their dance and as a coach I love to cheer them on!

Xcel Mixcel2ni Athletes Favorite Part of the Routine:

My favorite part of the routine is being the tumble bunny. Bella 

My favorite part of the routine is elite. I like pulling my bow and arrow. Adwen

I really like all the tumbling passes! Brianna

I have two favorite parts in our routine. The tumbling we do is one part and my second favorite part is our opening 2 man heal stretch stunt.   Avery

We asked the athletes what they look forward to most in the season?

Having fun! Learning new tumbling! Bella

What I look forward to the most in the season is…winning! Adwen
Getting new choreography, working on new skills, and winning more medals! Brianna

Any other comments you would like to share about your team/coaches?

It was such a privilege to coach this great group of amazing athletes. It is sad to see the season come to an end but the memories I’ve made will last a life time. All the tears, sweat, and bear crawls paid off in the long run and made this team successful. They can do anything they put their mind to and I can’t wait to see each child grow. Thank you mini team Force for making it a wonderful season!                                                           Coach Gianna

I like representing XCel positively. My favorite part of the season is our end of year sleepover party. Oh….and going to CCC competitions!!!!!

Coach Gianna was a great coach. I like everybody on my team. They are so good. Adwen

We go through a lot of conditioning but it pays off. Coach Gianna pushes us to our limits and makes us a better team and gives us confidence to compete. Brianna

Thank you to:
Coach Gianna
Bella Buchanan, age 7
Adwen, age 6
Brianna McCashland, age 8
Avery Dwyer, age 9
for sharing info about your team with us!