Champion Cheer Central VIP



 CCC’s VIP COACHES Loyalty Rewards Program is an Exclusive Club for Cheer and Dance Coaches.


What is the CCC VIP COACHES LOYALTY REWARDS CLUB? CCC has changed our VIP Program from receiving discounts and newsletters to a Customer Loyalty Reward Program.  Not only will members be updated on CCC Current News, but also receive discounts towards camps and competitions, coaches gifts, free hospitality room at competitions and the chance to become CCC’s COACH OF THE YEAR! Champion Cheer Central has so many coaches and teams loyal to our company, that we enhanced the VIP Program to show our appreciation for your business.

Enrollment: Once you have registered your teams for 3 CCC Events (within a season)

Once you have been enrolled, you will receive a VIP COACH Name Badge to wear proudly at CCC Competitions for access to our CCC VIP COACHES Hospitality Room and CCC VIP Coach T-Shirt.


NEW THIS SEASON Early Bird Option. Save $5 an athlete if you register and pay for an event prior to the ON TIME RATE. Registrations including payments ON or AFTER the ON-TIME RATE will receive your VIP discount below.

Discounts on Competitions based on number of events you have attended.

Hospitality Room at CCC Events with Complimentary Refreshments. Visit Spirit Sales for refreshments when room not available.

Become a member of the CCC VIP Coaches Group on Facebook. This group is to share, ask questions and upload videos to other coaches and CCC Owners!

VIP Discounts cannot be combined with other discounts. Bids awarded can not use any additional discounts. Use your best discount/bid per athlete.






This award is very prestigious – awarded once a year for displaying Integrity, Enthusiasm and Passion for our industry!

CCC’s I Award recipient will be awarded at CCC’s Lake Erie National Cheer and Dance Championships April 6-7, 2019!

More info about the IEP and I Award click here!