Competition Registration and Policies

Champion Cheer Central, Inc. (“CCC”)

Registration Agreement & Policies

Updated 08/2018


This Registration Agreement (“Agreement”) is an agreement between the team or organization registering for an event (referred to herein as “you,” “your” or words of similar import), and Champion Cheer Central, Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation (referred to herein as “CCC,” “us,” “our” or words of similar import). By submitting your online registration you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and by the Champion Cheer Central Safety Guidelines, Rules and Regulations, Policies, Code of Ethics, and all documents referred to or incorporated therein, all of which you acknowledge that you have reviewed and are available at  All such documents are incorporated into this Agreement by reference. As the responsible party for this registration and team/organization, I acknowledge that I
have read the payment policies, weather related policy and cancellation policy governing events hosted by CCC. I fully understand the financial responsibilities associated with this registration and accept liability for any and all debts incurred as a result of this registration.

Payment Information

  • All forms must be completed via website or paper and mailed to CCC postmarked prior to the deadline. Champion Cheer Central, Inc. 18 West State Street, Albion, PA 16401.
  • Please send no more than one check per team payable to “Champion Cheer Central, Inc.” or “CCC”. Any checks that are returned for any reason will be charged a $50 return fee in addition to the original amount and checks will no longer be accepted from the issuer in the future. Payment will only be accepted in the form of a money order, cashiers check, certified bank check or hand delivered cash.
  • All signed/completed registration forms received by Champion Cheer Central, Inc. constitutes guaranteed payment by the organization.
  • All balances must be paid in full by every team prior to the start. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • VIP Discounts cannot be combined with other discounts. Bids awarded can not use any additional discounts. Use your best discount/bid per athlete.
  • Any balances on your account are your financial responsibility. 10% interest will be added to your balance after the account is 30 days past due and will continue until the balance is paid in full. If an attorney or collection agency is required to collect the debt, you assume all responsibility of any further fees incurred by collection means.
  • If payment has been made via credit card, you are charged a 3% fee. If you receive a refund, there will be no refund on the 3% fee.

Cancellation Policies

If your team needs to cancel their performance at an event for any reason please contact us immediately at (888) 912-4337 AND send an email notification to Cancellation will NOT BE EFFECTIVE until the date we receive your email cancellation notice.

The following cancellation policies shall apply:

  • 90 or more days prior to an event, you are eligible to receive a Full Refund.
  • 89-22 days prior to an event, you are eligible to Transfer fees to another event within the same competition season.
  • There is absolutely No Refund 21 days or less prior to the event. There will be no exceptions.
  • There are No Refunds for teams or participants that no-show at an event.
  • If your team participant numbers change for any reason, there is NO REFUND of the difference. The credit can be applied to another event within the same competition season.

Inclement Weather Policy

If Champion Cheer Central chooses to cancel an event due to inclement weather and it is not rescheduled, your team will receive a Full Credit to any other CCC Event.  Host venues may force us to cancel due to unseen circumstances in which case a backup date will be provided.  If you cannot attend the backup date, you are free to transfer your fees to another event within the same competition season. Otherwise, if the facility is open, the event will go on.  Please make any necessary travel arrangements so that you will not have any problems making it to the event on time and safely.   No refunds will be made for teams that choose not to attend.



In the event of a cancellation under which you are permitted by the express terms of this Agreement to receive a refund, transfer your payment, or both, you will have 30 days after we receive your Cancellation Notice or Champion Cheer Central sends you notification that an event has been cancelled, as the case may be, to elect in writing (“Election Notice”) sent to the following email address to either transfer your payment or receive a refund, as applicable. If we do not receive your Election Notice within such 30 day period, no transfer or refund will be permitted or given.  The term “Competition Season”  means the cheer and dance competition season from Fall to Spring, typically from November through April, with the exact time period from year to year as posted at and subject to change at any time by CCC in its sole discretion.




CCC allows cheer and dance participants to perform for more than one team and/or additional performances within the same organization. Each participant must pay the FULL registration fee for the first performance. Second performances will be a discounted price. If a member of one organization crosses over to a new organization, (Example: School team to an All-Star team) then that participant must pay the FULL registration fee for BOTH organizations. Both organizations must contact Champion Cheer Central with what participant is a crossover from one organization to the other. Registration must indicate all crossover information and payment. CCC will do its best to allow time in between performances. However, we cannot guarantee separations between practice times, award ceremonies or if a coach is responsible for multiple teams.

Please make sure you have noted your crossovers on your Registration Form and Team Roster. This information is crucial in planning the best day for your teams.


In order to be eligible to compete at Champion Cheer Central events, all teams, regardless of division and classification, MUST follow the published Division and Rule Guidelines for Champion Cheer Central, USASF (All-Star Cheer teams) and The One Finals (Recreation and School/College Cheer teams, Dance teams).  All-Star organizations must submit their official Event Roster via USASF.


If a dispute regarding a participant’s age arises, the coach/director must provide an official document that legally verifies and certifies the correct name and age of the team member in question.  Acceptable forms of certified identification include, but not limited to a birth certificate, passport, school-issued photo identification card, USASF ID card or a valid, state-issued driver’s license. If the dispute is found to be accurate, the team may be disqualified from competition. Champion Cheer Central will use the official USASF Event Roster for Date of Birth verification for All-Star teams.


Coaches are required to bring documentation of ages (see above “Proof of Age” for list) for every participant. Coaches ONLY of a competing team within the same division may challenge the eligibility of another team to a Champion Cheer Central Registration Representative. The challenging coach must provide actual proof of ineligibility. If sufficient evidence warrants at that point, Champion Cheer Central will require the challenged team to provide proof of eligibility. CCC will use the official USASF Event Roster for Date of Birth verification for All-Star teams.


  • All school team members must be enrolled and currently attending the school they are representing. The competitor has to be in the grade for the appropriate division for the 2015-2016 school year.
    Proof must be available upon request.
    *If a school district allows for athletes below 9th grade to compete at the “high school level” the athlete is eligible to be considered a School team, all must apply:
    1. Governed by their associated school’s administration.
    2. The team’s main purpose is to cheer for their associated school’s sports clubs (i.e. football, basketball, soccer, etc.)
    Note: All teams should compete in the appropriate divisions.
  • All Star Teams must provide a roster printed from the USASF Member web site for each competition. You may be asked to provide proof of age; please be prepared to provide proof for any CCC staff or competing teams.  Proper forms of identification are birth certificates, current school identification cards or a driver’s license. If you are in violation of this rule, your team will be disqualified with no refund.
  • Recreation Organization
    For the purpose of competing at a CCC Event, Recreational Cheerleading is defined below. All teams competing in these divisions must meet these criteria in order to compete in these divisions:
    1. Must be affiliated with, report to, and be governed by an organization such as the following:
    a. YMCA
    b. Boys and Girls Club
    c. City/County Parks and Recreation Program
    d. Community Youth Organization
    e. Pop Warner Association
    f. Any other community run program not associated with a school or all-star program
    2. A team must be able to prove their relationship and affiliation with their said organization if requested. Their organization’s President or higher seated authority must submit a formal letter stating their endorsement.
    3. 50% of the team must have cheered for a sport (i.e. football or basketball) with that association or organization within that cheer season. Proof must be provided upon request.
    4. A team may not have more than 25% all-star athletes on its teams. Proof must be provided upon request.
    5. Team members must fulfill the age requirement for the division that they are entering on/before August 31, 2018. Proof must be provided upon request.
    6. Participants may not represent more than one recreational program in a season. Proof must be provided upon request.
    A Recreational/Organizational team may do or have the following:
    1. Can hold tryouts.
    2. Can have their own practice facility or gym.
    3. Can practice and/or attend tumbling classes at gymnastics or All Star facilities.
    4. Can combine team members from other teams within the organization.
    If a team does not meet all of the above criteria they may be disqualified.



Timing begins with the first movement, cheer, or note of music, whichever comes first. Any organized entrances, chants, spell-outs, tumbling, etc. will automatically start the clock. Teams will be assessed a penalty if the routine exceeds two minutes and thirty-one seconds.

  • Cheer Teams – 2:30 minutes (exception All-Star Prep maximum of 2:00 minutes) – may consist of all music or any combination of cheer and
  • Dance Teams – 2:15 minutes (minimum 1:45).


Music may be on a CD, iPod, Phone or Tablet. It is to your advantage to use a high quality CD. Please bring back-up CDs; Champion Cheer Central will not be responsible if your CD, iPod, Phone or Tablet Player cannot be read by the sound equipment. Please label all CDs, iPod, Phone and Tablets clearly with your team’s name. When your team is called “on deck”, a coach or adult affiliated with your organization must report to the sound station. This representative is responsible for starting, pausing, stopping your music and must be instructed to remain at the sound station, throughout your team’s entire performance. *Be sure that if you are using a Phone, iPod or Tablet that the notifications are turned off. If you are using an I Phone 7 or newer, you will need to supply the adapter for the aux cord adapter to play music from the phone.


CCC requires that all teams should comply with US Copyright laws. All teams are required to produce a license for their music at the time of registration in order to be compliant. If you have questions about US Copyright laws, please ask your music provider for information.

For additional information CLICK HERE

Routine Start

  • Cheer Teams – Prior to the start of your routine, participants must be positioned inside the performance area boundary and must have one foot, hand or body part on the floor. (Exception: Flyer may have their feet positioned in their base(s) hands as long as the base(s) hands are resting on the performance surface). Please remember that hair is not a body part!
  • Dance Teams Timing begins with the first movement or note of music, whichever comes first
  • Tiny/Mini Teams ONLY – For those teams who have Tiny or Mini division teams, the coach may assist in placing the participants into their first formation in a timely fashion, but then must exit the mat immediately. Those coaches may remain seated in the front of the mat to help visually guide the routine. (NOTE: Excessive motions, words, jumping up and down, etc. that could be distracting to the judges in any way will NOT be allowed.)

Performance Area

Champion Cheer Central, will provide a 54’x 42’ (9 strips) spring floor on the main performance floor. A 54’x 42’ (9 strip) foam mat and a 12’x 60’ spring tumble track for warm-up floor (Depending on the floor plan of the venue, these dimensions may vary slightly.) Additionally for dance teams, Champion Cheer Central will provide, at selected events, a 42’ x 42’ Marley floor. At other events, when a Marley floor is not available, dance teams will perform on a 54’ x 42’ spring floor.

Boundary Violations

The performance surface is defined as the 54′ x 42′ competition floor. A competition boundary is defined as the performance surface and any immediate adjacent safety border a 0.25 deduction will be assessed per occurrence for an athlete that makes contact with both feet outside the competition boundary. Stepping on, or just past the white boundary tape is not a boundary violation.

Specialty Divisions

Performers can only participate in 3 total specialty divisions due to scheduling and costuming issues.




  • The only individuals who may stop a routine for injury are:
    1. Competition Officials
    2. Gym Owner/Coach of the performing team
    3. Injured Individual
    4. USASF Safety Judge
  • An injured athlete may create a potential safety hazard because of the inability to hold, support, spot or catch. For the safety of all athletes competing, a routine may be interrupted if :
    1. An athlete is clearly injured.
    2. An athlete is questionably injured and does not resume their role in the routine within 5 seconds of questionable injury.
    3. An athlete leaves the competition floor due to an injury.
  • In the event that an injury causes the team’s routine to be interrupted during competition, the team will have time to regroup before performing their routine again. The team will perform the routine again in its entirety, but judging will resume from the point at which the injury/interruption occurred as determined by the judges. All skills must be performed full-out from the beginning of the routine. All point deductions accumulated to that point (if any) will carry over. The performance will be placed as the schedule allows.
  • An injured participant may not return to the floor unless the competition officials receive clearance from all of the representatives listed below:
    • Event Medical Personnel
    • Parent/Guardian (if present)
    • Head Coach/Gym owner of competing team.
  • In event that of a suspected head injury, the participant cannot return to perform without clearance from a licensed medical professional that has training related to head injuries.




Unforeseen Circumstances

  • In the event a team’s routine is interrupted, in the opinion of the CCC officials, because of failure of the competition equipment, facilities, or other factors attributable to the competition rather than the team, the team affected should STOP the routine.
  • The team will perform the routine again in its entirety, but will only be scored from the point of interruption. The degree and effect of the interruption will be determined by a CCC official.

Fault of Team

  • In the event a music error is caused by the coach/advisor, or the team’s own equipment, the team must either continue the performance or withdraw from the competition.
  • The CCC official will determine if the team will be allowed to perform at a later time. If it is decided by the officials, the team will perform the routine in its entirety but the judging will resume from the point at which the interruption occurred.

Team Performance

In the event that a team is allowed to perform again following a routine interruption, the new performance time will be at the sole discretion of the Competition Official. The team must (pending the injury’s impact on the routine) perform the routine again in its entirety, but judging will resume from the point at which the injury/interruption occurred as determined by the judges. All skills must be performed full-out from the beginning of the routine. All point deductions accumulated to that point (if any) will carry over.

If a team is permitted to perform again, but fails to perform the routine in its entirety (example: throwing back tucks instead of the full twist thrown in the original performance), it is at the discretion of the Competition Official how that team’s scores will be affected.

If an injury occurs during warm-up, Champion Cheer Central will do our best to work your team back into the schedule, as close as possible to your original performance order. Furthermore, it will be up to the CCC Event Director whether or not to schedule your team’s performance out of sequence.



Champion Cheer Central, Inc. reserves the right to add, combine, divide and/or eliminate divisions as necessary at all competition events based on registrations and the USASF guidelines. All such changes will be indicated on the preliminary schedule that will be emailed to all directors and/or coaches.

  • Competing against a score – a team must receive 75% or higher of the total possible score to be awarded 1st
  • In the event of a tie the winner shall be determined by the team with the least amount of “Deductions.” If that does not break the tie, then the team that has the highest score in the “Performance” Category is the division winner. If the tie remains because of identical totals in “Performance” Category, then the team with the least amount of total point deductions will be declared the winner.


Because cheerleading and its audiences are generally family-oriented, all choreography should be age appropriate. Additionally, any inappropriate uniforms, choreography or music (language, sexual gestures, explicit language, profanity and sexual moves including bumping/grinding and facials using vulgar movements) should be discouraged.  Any infraction of this rule may result in a significant penalty being assessed by the CCC Event Director or Head Judge.

The following are the USASF Guidelines for All-Star Organizations:


Athletes with non-full top uniforms must wear a t-shirt or other suitable cover up over their uniforms unless they are in the warm‐up area, traveling as a group directly to or from the warm-up area or on the performance stage.


All facets of a performance/routine, including both choreography and music selection, should be appropriate and suitable for family viewing and listening.

Examples of inappropriate choreography may include, but are not limited to, movements such as hip thrusting and inappropriate touching, gestures, hand/arm movements and signals, slapping, positioning of body parts and positioning to one another. Music or words unsuitable for family listening, which includes, but is not limited to, swearwords and connotations of any type of sexual act or behavior, drugs, explicit mention of specific parts of the body, torso, and/or violent acts of behavior are other examples of inappropriate choreography. Removing improper language or words from a song and replacing with sound effects or other words may still constitute “inappropriate.”

Music or movement in which the appropriateness is questionable or with which uncertainty exists should be assumed by the coach to be inappropriate and removed as to not put their team in an unfortunate situation.


No risqué, sexually provocative or lingerie looking or inspired uniform or garments allowed. All uniform pieces should adequately cover an athlete and must be secured to eliminate any possible wardrobe malfunction. Appropriate undergarments must be worn.

In addition to the above specific guidelines, athletes must also consider that a combination of uniform pieces may also deem a uniform appropriate or inappropriate. ALL garments must properly cover the athlete and the athlete’s undergarments during the routine.

Judges reserve the right to assess warnings and/or deductions when a team’s choreography, uniform, etc. do not meet the standards of “appropriate” as described in this policy.


Champion Cheer Central strives to produce events that are positive, friendly, enjoyable and competitive for everyone involved and to uphold the highest standards in conduct and sportsmanship. Unsportsmanlike behavior may include, but is not limited to: the use of any type of profanity, approaching or taunting fans, parents, cheerleaders, coaches, CCC staff members, and or judges in a manner that does not show mutual respect and cooperation. Any display of unsportsmanlike behavior by a team member, coach, or parent and teams who don’t remove themselves in a timely matter from the warm-up area/floor when their assigned time has elapsed will be penalized.

  • Penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct may result in a deduction, removal of coach, or disqualification.
  • Any unruly behavior by the coaches/advisors, participants or spectators will result in removal from the event with NO REFUNDS.
  • In the event you witness unsportsmanlike behavior, please report the incident to the CCC Event Director or Head Judge, who will review the complaint and make a decision whether or not, a penalty will be imposed.
  • There will be no contact with the judges from any participant, coach/advisor or spectator during the competition.
  • The judges’ decisions are final concerning deductions, specific rulings and final placement.
  • Each team must compete a Code of Ethics form in order to compete at any CCC event. This form is available on our website and must be signed and turned in to registration prior to your team taking the floor.


Champion Cheer Central believes in providing a SAFE environment for all participants and because of this, we allow teams to provide their own spotters from their organization. Competition routines and individual cheerleading skills continue to become more dynamic each year. Routines are consistently featuring partner stunts, basket tosses, pyramids and tumbling sequences that are nearly impossible to spot effectively without the safety spotters having intimate knowledge of each routine prior to a competition. Teams are encouraged to have routine spotters, but it is the discretion of the organization’s coaches, directors, etc. whether or not they feel it is necessary.

These spotters must follow these following rules:

  • Teams may provide up to four additional spotters for their routine. Spotters should be trained to know proper spotting and catching.
  • Safety Spotters:
    • Must be 16 years or older
    • Must be affiliated with the organization
    • Must be attired differently than the team performing (team warm-ups preferred).
    • Must follow all Rules and Guidelines. Rules governing jewelry, clothing and all other safety concerns must be adhered to by the spotters or will result in a safety deduction.
  • Spotters are there for safety purposes only and are not to verbally coach the team during the performance and must not engage in inappropriate behavior before, during or after the performance and must exit immediately following the routine. Any occurrence will be considered a general rule violation and will result in a deduction.
  • Spotters may only be used for stunts, pyramids and basket tosses only.
  • Spotters are there to catch any falls/mistakes and are not to assist or save stunts.
  • Spotters that do not adhere to the above rules will receive a 5 point deduction per infraction for the routine.



Champion Cheer Central’s judges are contracted employees. These judges are not full-time, salaried employees of CCC nor do they hold any permanent affiliations or loyalties to Champion Cheer Central. These cheerleading and dance judges are vetted from a selective pool of highly qualified and knowledgeable individuals whose attendance, at our events, varies. Our judges may serve on a panel at one event, and may not serve on a panel until the end of the season. Scores will sometimes vary slightly between each event, but our judges are reminded to retain objectivity. Moreover, safety violations are infractions based on the rules and guidelines set forth by Champion Cheer Central, USASF, AACCA and The One Finals. We realize that organizations attend many different events like The One Finals/USASF sanctioned events throughout the season and some infractions are never “called” or given warnings. When a skill is performed illegally at a CCC event, that team will receive a deduction. Our philosophy is to deduct for these infractions because they violate safety issues and concerns laid out by Champion Cheer Central, the USASF, The One Finals and AACCA Rules.

Please note: Please be aware that due to the fast pace of today’s routines, it may be possible that some safety violations during a Champion Cheer Central event may be missed. (Although we do our best to prevent this from happening.) This does not mean that they are legal, and that your team will not be called for them during another Champion Cheer Central event, The One Finals or any USASF sanctioned event.

Performance Order

Teams will perform in reverse order of their PAID registration. The team that registered first will compete last in that division.

Practice Times

Practice times are strictly enforced. Any team that misses their practice time will forfeit their practice. Due to the high volume of crossovers, CCC will do its best to accommodate teams. Approximate Performance and Practice times are posted on the CCC website the Monday before the competition.


The judging panel will consist of 3 performance judges and one Safety Judge.

Safety Judge

The safety judge tracks time as well as penalties for falls and rule violations. These points are then deducted from the total score rewarded by the performance judges.

The judges decisions are final. Any questions about the judging are to be directed to Champion Cheer Central, Inc.


Rule Violations

Any team in violation of the appropriate rules and or guidelines, will result in a point deduction for EACH infraction.

– Athlete Fall  = 0.25

– Building Fall  = 0.75

– Major Building Fall  = 1.25

– Maximum  = 1.75

– Unsportsmanlike Deduction = 1.0

Safety Violations

– 0.50 = Tumbling, General Safety, Image Policy and all other violations will be issued a 0.50 deduction.

– 1.0 = Building skills performed out of level will be issued a 1.0 deduction.


Judges may issue a warning instead of a deduction if it is not clear that the rule violation had occurred or if it was a performance error vs, an obvious rule violation. This is up to the safety judges discretion and may not be argued.


Entrances and Exits are not timed. However, timing does begin with the first organized movement or beat of music.  Any organized entrances/exits will be timed. This includes team breaks, rituals, chants etc.

Teams that exceed the 2:30 will be subject to the following deduction:                                                                  1 or more seconds over time will result in a .25 deduction

The routine time limit is 2:30. Routines that exceed this time limit will run a risk of being assessed a deduction. Judges will use a stop watch or similar device to measure the official time. Acknowledging the potential variance caused by human reaction speed and sound system time variations, judges will not issue a deduction until their stopwatch/clock shows a time that exceeds 2:32.

Boundary Violation

The performance surface is defined as the 42′ x 54′ competition floor. A competition boundary is defined as the performance surface and any immediate adjacent safety border. A 0.25 deduction will be assessed per occurrence for and athlete that makes contact with both feet outside the competition boundary. Stepping on, or just past the white boundary tape is not a boundary violation.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct Violation

When a coach, athlete, parent or fan fails to show good sportsmanship and does not follow the CCC Code of Conduct, a 1.0 point penalty will be given and or disqualification.  Coaches, Athletes, etc are expected to maintain proper and professional conduct at CCC Events.

Team Disqualification

Any team that does not adhere to the terms and procedures of the competition rules and regulations will be subject to disqualification from the competition. The team will automatically forfeit any right to any prizes, awards and refunds presented by the competition.