Cheer Camps at your School


CCC Home Camps! Private, Personal and Convenient, to give you the attention that you deserve. You choose the dates and the times that suit you best!


Coaches will be personalizing their own camp schedules. Coaches choose from our curriculum to customize their team’s camp experience. This way each team gets exactly what they need. Coaches will receive a curriculum menu along with a blank schedule and a Team Questionnaire. The Team Questionnaire asks specific questions about the team and the goals that Coaches have for the camp. This way our instructors are accurately prepared going into the camp. CCC is the ONLY company with this concept. We are always looking for new and better ways to keep our teams at their very best.

Camp dates are scheduled on a first come first serve basis


NOTE: The amount of instructors depends on the number of participants and squad separations. If you need more instructors than allotted the price may change. CCC prices include at least 2 instructors. CCC never sends only one instructor! A 1 hour break is added each day. Example: a 3 day 6 hour session can be from 8 AM till 3 PM with a one hour break at Noon. COACHES ATTEND FREE! Don’t forget you pick exactly what you need to work from our extensive curriculum menu. Separate routines for each squad.


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2017 Cheer Camp Prices

# of Days 12 – 14 Participants 15-20 Participants 21-28 Participants 29 + Participants Under 12 Participants
1 $65 $60 $55 $50 $780
2 $145 $130 $115 $100 $1740
3 $165 $150 $135 $120 $1980


Please call 888-912-4337 or locally
814-756-3029 to register

or download forms here:

Registration Form
Home Camp Questionnaire
Customized Camp Choices
Camp Waiver

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