November Spotlight Gym – Turner’s All Stars

turnerscut1November Gym Spotlight

Turner’s All Stars

Johnstown, PA

Gym Owner Tracey Moss-Koontz

Opened in 1995

85 Athletes in the Gym

13 Coaches


List accomplishments of your gym last season

Our teams claimed numerous National Titles last season, full paid One Bids and D2 Summit Bids.

What goals do you have for your teams this year?turners1

Our goal is for each team to Hit Zero at all competitions. We really enforce that if we do our best at competition then that is all we can ask from our teams. The National Titles and Special invitations to competitions is icing on the cake for a job well done!

What are some of the struggles you have as a gym owner/coach?

Being from a small gym, it is hard to balance a schedule that is conducive to everyone. We come from a small area but cheerleading is a popular sport and many of our athletes cheer for their home schools. It can be frustrating at times but it is worth the effort for us to all work together because it is all about the kids!

Words of Wisdom for gym owners/coaches out there

You will never please everyone and know that you have a program that families can feel good about being a part of. It is not just the athlete that you are there for. All Star Cheer provides an amazing opportunity for the entire family. It is nice to hear from the OLD Alumni parents that the time they spent at your gym was the best days of their families lives and that they miss those days so much! It is a good feeling. Some days are harder than others but know what you do matters!turners2

What do you feel is the most important job as a gym owner?

As a gym owner, I feel it is important to communicate with your parents and make all athletes from Level 1 to 5 to feel equally important in your gym. Teaching life lessons is the ultimate goal for any athlete to gain from any sport.

How important is keeping up on coach education?

Keeping up on coach education is vital to coaches. The All Star Cheer industry is relatively young and the rules and expectations of athletes and coaches changes every year.

What are some of the expectations you have from your coaches?

I expect my coaches to be passionate and dedicated to their athletes by staying up to date with the necessary education that they need and I expect them to be present and available for their athletes. Coaches have the power to influence, shape and change lives for young men and women. The honor to coach any sport should not be taken lightly.

What other programs does your gym offer?

Our gym has a tumbling program and a dance program.