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Music Copyright & Licensing
May 17, 2016
Dear USASF Members:
Over the past few years, we have seen increasing scrutiny by the music industry on the use of unlicensed music by music editors, event producers, and gyms in the All Star industry. The music industry has informed us that they are now going to be rigorously enforcing their rights relative to the illegal use of music in our industry.
In an effort to educate and protect the gym owners, coaches and event producers who participate in cheerleading and dance in all forms, including universities, schools and All Star, USA Cheer has put together the USA Cheer Music Copyrights Educational initiative. Included in this initiative is a set of guidelines, based on U.S. Copyright Law, that educate the entire cheer and dance community and provides resources to help understand and follow the laws. You can review USA Cheer's guidelines HERE.
Music is of critical importance to All Star, and as such, these guidelines will be key to the continued success and growth of our sport. Our attorneys have informed us that as a governing organization that officially sanctions events where teams are utilizing music, we are all (the USASF, event producers, gym owners and coaches) exposed to the potential liability if copyright infringement occurs. Therefore, we have no choice but to require that our members comply with USA Cheer's guidelines which are based on U.S. Copyright Law. When in doubt about copyright law or what may be considered copyright infringement, it is recommended that members seek legal advice pertaining to their specific situation.
U.S. All Star Federation
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